Basic information

We are an organization of an economic self-government, which represents companies and organizations from the industry of floor coverings. Although we have been operating on the market for a short time, we have great potential to implement many valuable industry projects. This potential is based on founding companies whose representatives have extensive experience in creating, developing or participating in many recognized national organizations. We are the first and thus far the only organization of this type in the industry. We want to use this potential to integrate companies from the industry of elastic and textile floor coverings, as well as the ceramic industry or wood, sport and many other coverings that have never had their own representation. We have many ideas, but we are also open to proposed projects. We would like to be joined by companies and people with ideas and energy to create something new. In our organization there is a place both for those who would like to act, actively participate in projects, as well as for those who through their membership would just like to let us know that we are needed. In our ranks we see small companies run by one or just a few people, as well as medium and large enterprises. Entities dealing in sales or service are welcome, as are Polish and foreign manufacturers associated with the floor coverings industry. We have a great opportunity to create better conditions for the daily operations of companies and significantly increase the competitive advantage of our members. We believe in it strongly as there is strength in a group!