1. Do you have to work in the Association if you sign up?

No, there is no obligation to work in it. You can support the Association through certain actions, but this is only offered to some members.

  1. What are the benefits of belonging to the Association?

Membership itself is already a benefit, because for many customers it is important if the company they work with is a single, small entity, or if it’s a company belonging to something bigger, which confirms its professionalism. In addition, our members can use the opportunity to meet a larger group of people who do the same thing on a daily basis and face the same problems. In our organization, we are also planning several projects that can increase the competitive advantage on the market, i.e. training, purchasing group, issuing certificates, promoting our members, and many others.

  1. Will the Association recommend their companies to customers?

Probably yes. Especially those companies that receive a type of certificate, that is, they will undergo some verification. We want these companies to be promoted in the environments of designers and general contractors. We plan to establish relationships with such organizations.

  1. Do the Association authorities receive a salary?

No, the work in the authorities is social work. Neither management board members or members of the supervisory board receive any remuneration for this.

  1. What are the contributions for?

Contributions are intended only for statutory activities, i.e. for activities that support the development of the industry and member companies.

  1. Can the Association conduct business activities?

Yes, the Association can run a business and generate income, but this income cannot be distributed among members. This money can only be used for statutory activities.

  1. What is the difference between an association and a society?

The association mainly consists of companies, i.e. economic entities, while a society comprises private individuals. This means that if a company subscribes to an association, all of its employees have the right to participate in any activity of the association.

  1. Who can belong to an association?

Contractors, retail stores, distributors, manufacturers and all companies that are associated with the floor coverings industry. They can be 1-person companies or larger enterprises, employing several hundred people.

  1. Do you operate throughout the country?

Yes, as you can see from the founding members, we represent all the regions of Poland. Representatives of the Association's authorities are also located in various parts of our country.

  1. Can you buy products in the Association?

No, we are not a commercial or service entity, we only unite companies that are involved in this.

  1. If my company is in the Association, can it boast about its membership to customers?

Yes, of course. Each member upon joining the Association may use the logo and name of our association on its advertising materials and website.

  1. I have a 5-person company. If I join the Association, will all my employees be able to belong?

Yes, all employees can participate in the life of the Association, while only one authorized person is entitled to vote at the general meeting.

  1. Will it be possible to take legal advice in the Association?

Yes, it will be possible to obtain an initial consultation regarding a problem, as well as to take advantage of the preferential terms offered by the Masiota Law Firm, with which the Association has established cooperation.

  1. What are the goals of the Association?

First of all, we want to create better operating conditions for our members, mainly by creating a greater competitive advantage on the market. We want to do this through access to knowledge, better products, lower prices, certificates and other important factors.

  1. Can a company that only deals with services belong to the Association?

Yes, it can be a 1-person company and an entity employing several people that deals only with services, as well as a company that deals only with trade.

  1. What are the contribution fees?

For companies employing up to 5 people - PLN 300 annually, up to 20 people - PLN 600, and more than 20 people - PLN 900. The entire amount can be deducted as the cost of running a business. If the company joins during the year, the fee is calculated only in part, proportionally to the period of participation.

  1. How can you register in the Association?

All you need to do is complete the form which is on the website of the Association (http://www.zwiazekpp.pl/en/dolacz-do-nas) and wait for the decision of the board of the Association.

  1. What does the organization structure look like?

The most important body is the General Assembly, i.e. the meeting of representatives of all member companies. Then we have the Management Board of the Association, which is elected by the General Assembly. There is also a Supervisory Board and a Consultative Council at the Management Board.

  1. Can association members leave the organization?

Yes, each member has the right to do so at any time without any consequences, except for the loss of privileges associated with belonging to the organization.