Founding meeting in Uniejów


On September 30, 2016, in Uniejów, several key companies from all over Poland representing the floor coverings industry met. They discussed the problems and threats of the industry, as well as the opportunities were it more integrated. It was proposed to set up an organization based on the Act of May 23, 1991 on employers' organizations. The vast majority of participants agreed and the founding meeting was begun. A few important resolutions were adopted, among others, the statute of the association, the authorities were elected, the contribution amount was determined, and the board's work regulations were adopted. Twelve companies joined the association, 3 companies were unable to register due to procedural reasons and declared their accession at a later date. The founding members were the following companies: Aximo, Bolmar Bis, Boden, BR Wykładziny, Budmarkus, Coniveo, Matrax, Joka, Largo, Persa, Robi, Terry. High-level legal protection was provided by attorney Hubert Masiota from the Masiota law firm. The 5-hour long meeting ended with a joint dinner.